• *ALL medication (prescription and non-prescription) must be brought to the school by a parent or guardian
    Students will be given medication at school only with written permission from a parent/guardian. If parents/guardians wish to allow medication, both prescription and over the counter, to be given at school, they must sign a “Request for Administration of Medication” which will be kept on file at the school with the medication in its original container. 
    A physician must also sign the "Request for Administration of Medication" if the medication is to be given longer than 2 weeks. New medications or medication with change in dosing, or timing must be accompanied by an updated parent/physician signed,  "Request for Administration of Medication".
    All medications must be brought to the school by the parent or guardian.
    Prescription medications must be in the original prescription labeled container, which must state the student’s name, date, name of the prescribing physician, name of the medication, instructions for administering the medication and name of the pharmacy filling the prescription. Medication brought in baggies or other unmarked containers will not be given. If medication will need to be given at school, we suggest that you ask the pharmacist to give you two labeled prescription bottles so that you have one bottle at home and one at school.
    Do not bring medication to school which needs to be given once daily or two/three times a day unless the physician specifically states a time during the school day for the medication to be given.  If the medication can be given at home, please do so.
    No student will be allowed to bring medications to school or on the bus.  Students may not have medication in their possession except with a physician's order for emergency situations only. *If your student will need to carry medication to be used for emergency situations, please complete and have signed by your physician, the appropriate emergency action plan along with the "Authorization for Students to Carry a Prescription Inhaler, Epinephrine, Epinephrine Auto Injector, Insulin and Diabetic Supplies, or Other Approved Medication".
    Please call the clinic if you have any questions