• Week 3 Face-to-Face (F2F) Positive COVID-19 Cases


    8/24 UPDATE: Now that secondary schedules have stabilized the total number of students from this week forward will not include 100% virtual students; all staff will continue to be included since both face-to-face and virtual teachers are working in the schools. Additionally, each Monday we will be posting the weekly district percentage of face-to-face students quarantined for direct exposure. These students are temporarily learning from home via itslearning. 


    • This is a list of when schools were notified of positive COVID-19 results. This does not mean that the individual was physically at school on this day. Monday totals include those from the prior weekend.
    • Unless we encounter technical difficulties information is entered by 6 pm daily; for cases reported after 5 pm, the chart will be updated for that day the next morning. 
    • When a positive case is reported to FCS, it is confirmed by the Department of Public Health (DPH).
    • If a child or teacher has had direct exposure to an individual that tested positive they will be contacted by the school and the DPH.
    • ES, MS and HS lists of students attending 100% virtual are available here (see section labeled school for 2020-21).