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  • Curriculum Night

    Thursday, August 10, 2023


    We look forward to our South Families visiting us on Curriculum Night.  This is a casual meet and greet, designed for you to briefly meet your child's teacher.  If you cannot make it, we have a virtual component for your convenience.  Read below for more information regarding the virtual format.  Formal parent teacher conferences can be scheduled by contacting your child's teacher through email after our event.

  • Virtual

    Online presentations for teachers' curricula will be available for parents to view on this page starting at 4:30 PM on Thursday, August 10. Parents are encouraged to use these presentations to learn about each of their child's classes.


  • Face-to-Face

    Parents who wish to briefly meet their child's teachers are invited to come on campus from 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM for brief introductions. This event is not intended for in-depth conversations with teachers; if you would like to schedule a more robust conversation with any of your child's teachers, please email them.


  • Welcome Message from Principal Pam Bibik

    I am thrilled to welcome you to South Forsyth High School's Curriculum Night.

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  • Curriculum Night Presentations

    Each of the images below will take you to one of our virtual sections of Curriculum Night. Click on the image to visit those presentations; they will open in another browser tab or window.

    In many of the presentations, you will be presented with a menu screen; clicking on images or buttons on these menu screens will send you to videos or additional information about those areas. In some cases, videos will play automatically. On all of our teacher presentations in the Academic Presentations, as well as some of the other videos, you will have to click on a video to play it.


  • Meet the Secretaries Our School Resource Officer
    Secretaries Introductions
    Meet each of our secretaries, and get some important procedural information from them about attendance, transcripts, and more.

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    Meet our School Resources Officer,
    Corporal Zach Dobleman.


  • Academic Departments

    Click on the image below to open the menu of all of our teachers' curriculum night presentations. After the title slide, click on the button for the desired department. From there, find your child's teacher's name, and click on the appropriate course below their name.

    Teacher Presentations have introductory or informational videos embedded within them; click on the videos to play them. Otherwise, navigate each teacher's online slideshow at your own pace.

    Academic Department Presentations

  • Administrator Videos Support Staff
    Meet your Assistant Principals and Assistant Administrators for this year.

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    Meet the rest of our support staff!

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