• International
    Club Sponsor: Señora Dodds

    Club Overview:
    Here at the Lambert International Club, we are all about spreading awareness to the many cultures in our school and working towards bringing them all together. We organize many events to expose our community to these cultures, and help spread/share the traditions in the form of traditional dresses, food, dances, and much more. People all over the county participate in these events and make these events unforgettable. For this year's International Festival, we have partnered up with Lambert SGA and UNICEF to help make this a successful event. 
    Club Activities or Events:
    - International Night 
    Date: March 28th 2024
    Location: Lambert High School Cafeteria
    Time: 6-8:30pm
    Entry fee: 1 can of food per person
Last Modified on February 7, 2024