• I am one of Lambert’s Administrators, and along with Layton Walker, Lambert’s Wellness Coordinator, I oversee 504 Plans at Lambert.  This year, Mr. Walker will help coordinate 504 Plans for 9th Grade and 10th Grade students, and I will coordinate 504 Plans for 11th and 12th Grade

    Scheduling 504 Eligibility/Annual Meetings

    We are asking for your patience, as we are in the process of scheduling virtual meetings with families that received recent diagnoses over the summer, and scheduling virtual meetings with families who have 504 plans up for annual review in August and September.  We will be scheduling all meetings virtually this fall until further notice.  All teachers are invited to attend 504 meetings (typically held at 7:45 am), as well as your child’s counselor, you, and most importantly your child.  Please be assured that your child’s 504 plan is still valid, and teachers are fully aware of any supports and accommodations in place.  If you and your child has chosen virtual options, please know that virtual teachers are aware of accommodations (FVA teachers have access to 504 plans, and Lambert sends plans to Georgia Virtual).  In addition, online courses are developed in a way that they provide many of the supports commonly identified in 504s.

    Accommodations for the College Board (PSAT/SAT/AP Testing) or ACT

    In order for us to apply for accommodations on the ACT or College Board tests (PSAT, SAT, or AP Tests), we must have the College Board and/or ACT Consent to Release forms completed (if you have already completed this in the past and it is on file at Lambert, you do not need to do so again, but you do need to let me know when you want me to apply for accommodations).  While I can apply for accommodations with the College Board at any time, the ACT is different, you must first register for a test before I can request accommodations on your child’s behalf, then the ACT will notify me.  Both the College Board and ACT make the decision to approve or deny accommodations based upon the existence of accommodations on 504 Plans (or IEPs), as well as supporting documentation.  Please note, if your child doesn’t have nor use extended time for testing in their 504 Plan, they will generally not be eligible to have it on the SAT/ACT.  For the Consent Forms and more information, you can check out Lambert’s Requesting Accommodations Webpage.

    Please always feel free to reach out to us for support.  We look forward to working with you and your child in order to provide the best academic, social, and emotional supports to ensure your child’s success at Lambert High School.  Thank you!

    Layton Walker (9th and 10th Grade) – Extension 412006/Email – llwalker@forsyth.k12.ga.us

    Rob Meinberg (11th and 12th Grade) – Extension 411861/Email - rmeinberg@forsyth.k12.ga.us


    504 Plan Documents:

    Notice of Rights of Students and Parents Under Section 504

    Section 504 Procedural Safeguards

    504 Brochure


    504 Meeting Acknowledgement Form (to be be completed by Parent/Guardian after a 504 Meeting)

Last Modified on September 10, 2020