We have 4 opportunities in a year where students can participate in

    competitions to meet their STEM requirements.


  • CORE

    September 12th, 2020

    Tech Day

    October 12th, 2020

    Leadercon – Fall Conference

    November 13th – 15th 2020

    State Conference

    March 17th – 20th 2021

    National Conference

    June 27th – July 1st, 2021 – For winners of State

  • CORE – Chapter Officer Retreat for Excellence

    TSA officers participate in leadership conferences and team building activities in Clayton Georgia. This year this was held virtually.

    Tech Day

    Held at the Georgia National Fair. This year it is virtual. Information about all the competitions for Tech Day will be announced during our first chapter meeting that will be held on the 16th of September


    Usually held at Jekyll island, GA. This year it is virtual. Leadership conferences and various competitions will be held.

    State Conference

    This is the biggest competition event for TSA. This is usually held at Athens, GA.


    Competitors who qualify in state competitions move up to nationals.

  • Service Projects

    Along with the competitions, throughout the year we will have various service projects.

    Information about these projects will be provided on the 16th of September.

Last Modified on September 14, 2020