• Longhorns Service Through Mentorship
    Club Sponsor: Lizanne Adams

    Club Overview: 
    Service Through Mentorship allows youths to create bond with high school students, in an effort to educate and train them on study methodology, as well as to have a peer that they can ask questions regarding high school without hesitation. With academics being one of the most important parts of life for modern students, many students struggle absorb information in an effective manner. Thus, we teach students how to learn, rather than what to learn. For more information including meeting times and registration, please visit Service Through Mentorship.
    Stay Updated:
    Instagram: servicethroughmentorship
    Club Officers:
    Taeyoung Yang
    Palak Joshi
    Shivaek Venkateswaran
    For more questions, please email lambertmentorship@gmail.com
Last Modified on February 11, 2021