• Service through mentorship
    Club Sponsor: Lizanne Adams

    Club Overview:
    Service Through Mentorship allows youth to create a bond with high school students in an effort to educate and train them on ways to learn and give them a peer they can ask questions regarding high school without hesitation. 
    Our mentorship program individually interviews the student of Lambert High School and middle school students who are expected to come to Lambert to discover their passion and interest. Then, we pair up like-minded high school students and middle school students so that they can form mentor-mentee relationships. The paired mentors and mentees can have regular virtual meetings so that the mentee can ask questions about high school, such as goal setting, high school course selections, time management, extracurriculars, and more.  
    We also host virtual Q and A sessions where middle school students can ask questions to a panel of high school students regarding high school. 
    For 2020-2021 school year, we paired up 18 mentors and mentees and we are expecting to grow this year. 
    For the current school year, we are expecting to have aroudn 25 mentor-mentee pairs. Including the virtual Q and A sessions, about 30 Lambert students are volunteering through our program. 
    Read more about our club on Forsyth County Newspaper here
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    Club Officers:
    Co Founders:
    Taeyoung Yang
    Palak Joshi
    Shivaek Venkateswaran
    Co Officers:
    Sindhu Tatinada 
    Haritha Senthilraja
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Last Modified on March 14, 2022