• South Forsyth High School Honor Code

  • Assigned work enables teachers and students to determine what students are learning. Assignments, examinations, papers, and projects also teach responsibility. Part of this responsibility is academic honesty: the work the student turns in represents his or her best effort, and that, alone. The work is not copied, neither from an outside, unacknowledged source, nor from another person.

    Academic honesty creates a trust between students, teachers, and parents, which increases each student’s ability to learn and grow as a person. For this reason, academic honesty is of the highest priority at South Forsyth High School. This extends to all assignments, large and small, in all subjects. While teachers will continually instruct students on the nature of academic honesty, each student is ultimately responsible for his or her own integrity. If a student does not understand the difference between cheating and being honest, then it is his or her responsibility to ask a teacher.

    South Forsyth High School is a learning community of trust focused on the authentic development of our students. High standards of academic honesty reflect our intentions to nurture lifelong learners, who also lead with integrity.

Honor Code Statement

  • This work is completely my own, and is neither the work of someone else, nor an unacknowledged, outside source. I will not share my work, or the contents of any assessment, with others.

    Having read the South Forsyth High School Honor Code, I understand and accept my responsibility to uphold this code at all times.

  • Honor Code Infractions

      Examples include, but are not limited to Consequences
    TIER 1
    • Copying homework or allowing another student to copy homework
    • Using unauthorized resources on daily assignments, such as translation tools on world language assignments
    • Assignment receives grade between 0 and 50
    • Parent contact (MUST make phone call and follow up with email.)
    • Documentation of violation
    TIER 2
    • Sharing or receiving answers to or items included on an assessment
    • Using electronic devices to share or access assessment information, including but not limited to social media and individual/group texting
    • Viewing or attempting to view another’s answers on an assessment
    • Talking or using signs/gestures during an assessment
    • Assessment / assignment receives a grade of zero
    • Parent/Teacher /AP Conference
    • Documentation of violation
    • Student will be REQUIRED to attend two sessions of Honor Code Education
    TIER 3
    • Intentional cheating
    • Collusion and sabotage
    • Plagiarizing
    • Allow someone else to take test or complete assignment in your place.
    • Receive an official Honor Code violation referral to administration
    • Assessment/ assignment receives a grade of zero OR Receive OSS/ISS
    • Documentation of violation
    • Parent/Teacher/AP/Principal Conference