Science & Engineering Fair

Science & Engineering Fair
  • Sponsors: 

    Chris Walden - 6th Grade (Room 216)

    Laura Poole - 7th Grade (Room 396)

    Chelsea Jacoby - 8th Grade (Room 454)



    This year Riverwatch Middle School will be hosting a Science and Engineering Fair. This will be a great opportunity for all students (in-person and virtual) to showcase the skills and talents that Riverwatch Middle School has to offer. We are excited to begin this journey with you and your student; and our hope is that you will learn a lot along the way and have a great experience.

    Most of the experimentation will occur outside of RMS, but we will offer guidance to you and your student along the way. Below you will find a timeline of meetings that we will offer to help assist you in getting started and lead you through the process. 

    Our science fair is scheduled for January 6, 2021, so it is imperative that we get started and have total commitment by our students and parents. Projects will be due on or before January 6, 2021. The top projects from the local school fair will qualify to represent Riverwatch Middle School at the Forsyth County Schools District Fair later this year


    Who can participate? All students (in-person & virtual)

          Virtual students should contact Ms. Poole


    Time/Location: Science Fair: January 6, 2021

          Meetings: A Days during Flextime (grade level representative's room - see above sponsors)


          Nov. 2 - Introduce Science Fair

          Nov. 10 - Project Proposal/Research Plan

          Nov. 12 - Experiment/Logbook

          Nov. 16 - Experiment/Logbook

          Nov. 18 - Experiment/Logbook

          Dec. 1 - Research Paper

          Dec. 3 - Research Paper

          Dec. 7 - Research Paper

          Dec. 9 - Decorate Boards

          Dec. 15 - Decorate Boards

          Dec. 17 - Decorate Boards

          Jan. 6 - Student Interview/Judging Process/Printing Awards

          Jan 12 - Awards Breakfast


    Upcoming Dates See above dates. 

    Cost: Your supplies and materials

    Fitness Physical: N/A

    Registrations:  Attend meetings.

    More Information: None


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