criminal justice club
    Club Sponsor: Brooke Wallace    f38132@forsyth.k12.ga.us          

    Club Overview 
    Criminal Justice Club (CJC) is an organization and club geared towards individuals interested in forensic science as well as social sciences. Our club’s goal is to provide students opportunities to learn more about these fields and be exposed to civil topics debated in our world today. 
    Club Activities 
    Major events will include a live crime scene analysis, fundraising for our local community as well as innocence projects, virtual guest speakers, live tours, and much more! Please look out for more information to come.  
    Club Meetings
    Conducted the first Thursday of every month through Google Meets.
    Club Officers

    Co-Presidents: Siri Jangam and Harika Kandru
    Vice-President: Anjana Danda
    Secretary: Stephanie Silvestro 
    Historian/Reporter: Tushar Jyoti
    Treasurer: Saideep Palvai


    To join our club GroupMe and be informed of our major events, please use this link.



Last Modified on March 14, 2022