Advanced Placement

  • Exam Registration


    AP Exam Registration opened August 30th.  The deadline to register and pay for an AP Exam is Tuesday, October 24, 2023.


    Students should read the AP Exam Registration letter and register to take AP Exams following the steps below:


    1) Join your teacher's AP Classroom through using the join code provided by your AP teacher.


    2) Indicate if you are taking the AP Exam in AP Classroom.  


    3) If you are taking the AP Exam, go to to register and pay for the AP Exam before October 25th.  


    AP STEM Exams:  If you are registering to take an AP STEM exam, you will not be able to pay for your exams until the AP STEM fee waiver is approved.  The approval usually takes about 24 hours.  


    Homeschool students:  AP testing will be offered at East Forsyth High School for homeschool students who live in the Forsyth County district. 


    Note: As a part of their participation in AP Courses, students may be expected to utilize accounts created
    with the College Board via their official website. These accounts provide students with access to AP Course
    resources, AP Exam practice materials, individualized results from AP Exams and other assessments offered
    by the College Board. Parents and students should review the College Board privacy policies and
    collaboratively create and manage this account. For additional information, please contact the AP
    Coordinator at your student’s school, and visit



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