• No matter how tough you think you are, Raider Team will challenge your toughness. The most athletic cadets, the members of the Raider Team, compete against other schools within the state and around the nation. 

    Raider Team is a physical fitness team that competes in training and military-based events such as Cross Country Rescue (CCRs), which includes running while carrying ammo cans, a stretcher, and rucksacks, as well as beast events that include tire flips, water jug shuttle, rope bridge and more. 

    There are usually three teams: a male, a female, and a coed team. 10 cadets compete in each team, with two alternates. The number of competitions we participate in vary during each season. Practice begins in July and the season ends in November (Nationals take place in the beginning of November). 


Last Modified on September 23, 2022