• Drill Team

    The Raider Battalion Drill Team is a group of cadets that specializes in drill and ceremonies. Only the most skilled cadets in armed and unarmed drill manuals are a part of this precise team.Color Guard is also a component of the Drill Team. The team assists cadets in MCJROTC in the regulation drill for our two major ceremonies: the Marine Birthday Ceremony and the Change of Command, as well as our smaller Battalion Drill Competition.

  • Attendance and Requirements

    Cadets on the drill team meet every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday after school from 4-6pm to practice. Our team competes in events such as: armed and unarmed regulation, armed and unarmed exhibition, and personnel inspection, as well as color guard. In armed events, cadets use DDR - or Daisy Drill Rifles. 

  • Drill Team Commanders

    Cadet Maj Unger, Drill Team CO and Armed Commander (2022–2023)

    Cadet Cpt Laura, Drill Team XO and Unarmed Commander (2022–2023)

    Cadet 2ndLt Wilson, Drill Team Manager (2022-2023)


  • Team Size

    The team varies from roughly 20-30 cadets that compete against schools nationwide. Although, it is possible to compete with only 13 cadets, including commanders.

Last Modified on September 23, 2022