• Drill Team Commanders

    Cadet Colonel Wilson, Drill Team CO and Armed Commander (2023–2024)

    Cadet Gunnery SGT Ainsworth, Drill Team XO and Unarmed Commander (2023–2024)

    Cadet Gunnery SGT Doyle, Drill Team Manager (2023-2024)


  • Drill Team

    Raider Battalion Drill Team is a group of cadets that specializes in drill and ceremonies. Only the most skilled cadets in armed and unarmed drill manuals are a part of this precise team.Color Guard is also a component of the Drill Team. The team assists cadets in MCJROTC in the regulation drill for our two major ceremonies: the Marine Birthday Ceremony and the Change of Command, as well as our smaller Battalion Drill Competition.

  • Attendance and Requirements

    Cadets on the drill team meet every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday after school from 4-6pm to practice. Our team competes in events such as: armed and unarmed regulation, armed and unarmed exhibition, and personnel inspection, as well as color guard. In armed events, cadets use DDR - or Daisy Drill Rifles. 

  • Team Size

    The team varies from roughly 20-30 cadets that compete against schools nationwide. Although, it is possible to compete with only 13 cadets, including commanders.

Last Modified on January 18, 2024