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    Veterinary Science Pathway


    The Forsyth Central Veterinary Science program was established in 2020. Students are given opportunities to work with live animals, practice skills and applications pertinent to the Veterinary career, and students will earn a pathway cord and certificate upon completion and passing of the EOPA. 


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    The Veterinary Science Pathway utilizes the 3 Circle Model established by the National FFA Organization in 1928.

    • The classroom curriculum focuses on animal care and behaviors, internal and external anatomy, and animal production and genetics. 
    • The SAE is the Supervised Agricultural Experience which is a personalized career-readiness curriculum designed to prepare students for life OUTSIDE of the classroom
    • The FFA is the premier student-led leadership organization in the United States with over 760,112 members in all 50 states and Puerto Rico! The FFA provides leadership  opportunities and career-readiness skills through competition and leadership training events. 

    Veterinary Science Pathway Courses 

    1st Course 

    Basic Agriculture 

    Discusses all aspects of agriculture from agricultural mechanics, soil conservation, economics, safety, forestry, plants, and animals 

    2nd Course 

    Animal Systems 

    Focuses on animal production, animal internal anatomy, animal care, genetics, and animal disease  

    3rd Course 

    Veterinary Science 

    Vet and hospital safety, sanitation protocols, vet terms and vet technology (stethoscope, otoscope, and ophthalmoscope), common vet tech procedures (pulse, animal restraints, fecal floats, calculating and administering medication, etc.) and animal nutrition 


    For more information, contact:
    Mrs. Ashley Dowdy
    (770) 887-8151, extension 110511
    Facebook and Instagram: Forsyth Central FFA