At FCHS, Engineering comes under the STEM Academy

     The Engineering Pathway consists of 3 courses.

    1.       Foundations of Engineering
    2.       Survey of Engineering Concepts
    3.       Engineering Applications

    Students start their journey in Engineering when they are Sophomores with Foundations of Engineering. Here they learn:

    • Wood working
    • CAD designing using Solidworks
    • CAM using CNC


  • During the second year, students take Survey of Engineering Concepts. This course goes along with the Physics concepts that they learn in their AP Physics 2 such as

    • Fluid Mechanics
    • Optics
    • ElectroMagnetism etc.,

    They also learn Welding as part of this course.

  • Engineering Applications

    Third year students in the Engineering Pathway take the Engineering Applications course. At this point in their academic career students will have taken several advanced math and physics courses whose principles they will be applying in this course to solve theoretical and real-world problems.

     Students in this course will learn to :

    • plan and manage long-term engineering projects
    • pitch a solution
    • design and manufacture the solution
    • stick to limited budgets

     Additionally through this course students will:

    • Learn advanced CNC and Laser-cutter manufacturing methods
    • Design and analyze bridges
    • Design power transmissions to increase the output torque of a motor
    • Develop a product containing electrical circuits
    • Research a problem in the community and engineer a realistic, implementable solution