•  Strength

     Weight Training is designed to provide each student with the knowledge needed to understand the importance of strength and fitness training. Students will gain a lifelong understanding of how to maintain adequate physical fitness for a healthy lifestyle.  Training will be based off the LTAD concept – LONG TERM ATHLETIC DEVELOPMENT

      • LTAD refers to a practical approach to fitness and athletic education. It takes physical activity and teaches it like we do any other subject: through progression and planning.
      • The single most important key to this entire equation is a proper education. It is the foundation upon which all will be built – it is also the most often overlooked.
      • The trick to this education is progression. Start from the ground up and work from there, always looking to be better – know more, than the day before.


    • Everyone should learn the  6 foundational human movements. Squatting, Pressing, Pulling, Lunging, Hinging, Running/Walking/Carrying – they are all essential to human life, let alone athletic development. 


    • We instill an understanding of how to scale movements appropriately, what weight and volume is doable, and how to adjust workouts to accommodate injuries.
    • After setting proper foundations, we progress to more compound movements, begin to introduce external objects and resistance, and up the intensity a bit. The goal is to build a bit of work capacity.
    • We will then progress to how to safely and efficiently move and learn what it means to “train”.
    • Additionally, we begin introducing new compound movements or adding light resistance to existing movement patterns.   For example, we can take the air squat and progress through goblet squats and then convert it into a loaded back squat. Slowly, we will develop a competency here, never sacrificing movement, while increasing the intensity through load.

    Weight Training will meet during Connections class time and is a Semester long course.  Any questions please email Kevin Goss – Kgoss@forsyth.k12.ga.us.