• Longhorns Social Deductions Club
    Club Sponsor: Dr. Norton

    Club Name: Lambert National Social Deduction Club


    Club Overview: 

    We run asynchronous social deduction games such as mafia/werewolf. The goal in these games is to work as a group to find and eliminate a liar or group of liars before they eliminate the rest of the group. Our games involve using logical reasoning along with social skills to "read" people. Anyone who's played a game can host a game based on any (school-appropriate) theme (contact us first!) Some past themes include Marvel, DC, Naruto, and Items on my Desk.

    Club Introduction Video: 



    Club Sponsor: Dr. Norton

    President:  Adi Krish

    Vice Presidents: Ajay Balasubramaniam, Dharshan Rajan, Akshur Raghuram


    Contact Adi Krish at adikrish6824@gmail.com for any questions or links to past games

Last Modified on August 1, 2022