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    Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)


    What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

    Multi-Factor Authentication, often shortened to just 'MFA,' is the second step in the security hierarchy and a key part of keeping your account secure. With MFA incorporating something you know PLUS something you have, the likelihood that you account can be compromised is greatly reduced. This makes YOUR students safer. This makes YOUR district safer. This makes YOU safer.


    What does MFA do?

    MFA provides an added layer of security to your account. With the first layer - your password - still forming the foundation of your authentication process, MFA enhances that foundation by providing a second, stronger layer by requiring physical access to a second authentication method to prove your identity.

    Integrating MFA into the process can be an incredibly lightweight, and low-invasive procedure to prove your identity. For instance, you'd still login to Classlink, Infinite Campus, itsLearing, etc., with your FCS username and password. Once that part has been confirmed, you'll be required to pass the MFA hurdle by either approving via a smartphone-based app or supplying a 6-digit code. This process can occur as few as one (1) time per 12-hour period.


    Why is FCS doing this?

    In a word: security. Criminals have become ever craftier, hackers have become ever sneakier, and students have become ever more capable. That, coupled with an overworked staff, integrating digital learning, and many people working from home, makes for an environment ripe for technological exploits.

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    Frequently Asked Questions


    • Do I have to use MFA? Yes. This is not an optional program.

    • Do I have to use my personal phone? You are not required to use your personal phone. However, opting to not do so means having to use a less efficient method to verify your identity.

    • What if I lose my phone or forget to bring it in? We advise you to set-up multiple MFA options in your account, with at least being the phone in your room/office.

    • What if I don't have a room/office and therefore have no phone? If you choose not to use the Authenticator app on your personal phone, you'll have to receive a call to a phone in a predefined location to complete the MFA sequence.

    • Does this give FCS access to my phone? No.

    • Does this make my phone susceptible to an Open Records Request? No.

    • How will this ultimately make things better? First, it greatly improves security on your account. Second, once you are configured for MFA, you will NEVER need to change your FCS password. Last, it is the next step in the process to remove the password from the authentication process altogether.

    • Should I use SMS (text messaging) as an option? Not recommended. Cell service is poor inside many of our schools and is not encrypted.


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    Multi-Factor Authentication Brochure

    How to setup Multi-Factor Authentication

    Setup Classroom/Office Phone for MFA

    Setup Outlook App with MFA

    Alternative Phone Setup for MFA via me.forsythk12.org

    Alternative Phone Setup for MFA via O365

    Setup New Phone for MFA

    MFA Video