• Agni Dance Club
    Club Sponsor: Ms. Stephanie Harrison



    Club Overview: 
    The purpose of the Agni Dance Club is to bring awareness of Indian culture through the many styles of dance.  We would like to fuse together these different dance styles to make our Indian culture more seen and shared at Lambert.  Agni means "fire" and is from the Hindu Vedas.  

    Our goal is to "Bring the fire and passion of India's dance to Lambert."


    Congratulations to our 2021-22 dance team: 

    • Aanya A.

    • Aayat A.

    • Sudikshaa A.

    • Suhani B.

    • Riya G.

    • Manaswi G.

    • Srishti I.

    • Shakthi K.

    • Riya K.

    • Ajeetha M.

    • Rhea Sa.

    • Rhea Si.

    • Sanjana S.

    • Yashodhara V.

    • Sruthi V.

    • Triya V.

    • Neha W.

    Agni 2022

    Club Meeting Times: 

    As a new club, we currently have 17 members.  Meetings will be held to practice and fine tune the choreography pieces.  Normally, we meet after school on Thursdays and some mornings, depending on performances.

    At this time, we are not accepting any new members.  Tryout workshops and auditions were held in Sept. 2021.  We hope interested students will support our endeavors this year by attending performances and cheering us on.

    Club Activities or Events:
    Our goal is to have several live performances this year to share our joy of dance and dance form with the Lambert community. 

    These performances include:

    • Lambert's  Heritage Night
    • TED Ed Ideas Worth Discovering Night
    • Other performances, like pep rallies and local area competitions


    The 2021-22 Club Officers:
    Elections were held in October 2021.
    Co-Captains:  Sanjana S. and Triya V.

    Choreography Team:   Aanya A, Srishti I, and Sruthi V

    Finance/Bookkeeping Team:  Anusha J and Neha W

    Marketing/Social Media Managers:  Suhani B, Yasho V, and Rhea Si


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Last Modified on March 29, 2022