Academic Bowl

Academic Bowl
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    Academic bowl is a competitive, academic club for which players attend weekly practices and then represent Riverwatch at competitions against other schools. Topics include science, geography, history, literature, math, art, music, current events, sports, etc. 

    Schedule: Academic bowl will meet on Mondays and Fridays during Panther Time, Wednesday mornings at 7:50 am, and Tuesdays after school until 6pm.  Team members will commit to attend at least one of the offered practices each week. 

    **There is a tryout exam (see below), and the top 30-40 students will make the team.  There is an $80 fee for students who make the team, which will cover the cost of competition entry fees, practice materials, and a team t-shirt. 

    Cost:  $80 (covers competition entry fees, practice materials, and a team t-shirt) 

    Registrations: Entrance exam (30-40 students will make the team) 

    Practices: Practices- Monday, Friday: Panther time; Wednesday: 7:50am;Tuesdays after school until 6pm (come to at least 1/week) 

    Tryout Exam: Will take place directly after school Tuesday, 8/29 OR Wednesday 8/30 after school until 5:30pm.  See the following presentation for more about the team and tryouts- sign up for a tryout date by Monday, 8/28