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    East Forsyth High School is excited to announce the creation of our Bronco Backer program.  This program was developed to connect businesses and community members with our school. Bronco Backers will support the programs within our school – career focused pathways, fine arts, academics and student organizations.  


    East Forsyth High School is committed to collaborating with our entire community – families, businesses and agencies throughout East Forsyth and the surrounding areas. Through this initiative, our students, teachers and school staff invite you to have an active role within our classrooms and extra-curricular programs. 


    Our Bronco Backer program is designed to allow supporters to provide funds, resources, and time for our school. Partnerships such as these allow students to succeed through academic and extracurricular success.  Because of this, our Bronco Backers will have a vested interest in our students and will help shape the future of our community.

    To create a lasting legacy at East Forsyth High School, we have developed our  Bronco  Backer  Club.  This club will allow families, businesses and agencies to provide financial support to East Forsyth High School.  Members of the Bronco Backer Club  will be recognized throughout our school and campus. To become a Bronco Backer and learn more about how to become a Bronco Backer Club member, please fill out this FORM and contact Todd Holbrook, Assistant Principal at thholbrook@forsyth.k12.ga.us.



    Here are suggestions of how your organization could get involved:



    Your support will help us achieve our vision: Connect and engage with families and the school community, Collaborate with the East Vertical Team and Care for students while holding high expectations. By becoming an EFHS Partner in Education, your voice and impact will help support our students and the future of our community.