• Communication Protocol is as follows

    1. Student to Teacher

    2. Parent to Teacher

    3. Student/Parent to Counselor

    Students and Parents - check Canvas and Student Portal

    • What assignments are missing?  What assignments are you waiting to be graded?
    • What assignments are completed but not turned in?
    • What classes/content do you need to focus on in order to be better on your next assessment?
    • Parents, are you connected to Parent Portal?  Many features including viewing student grades and attendance are available on Parent Portal.  Click here for the FCS website for support or speak with the EFHS receptionist. 

    Speak with your teacher 

    • Bronco Block
    • Schedule time before or after school. Contact your teacher for availability.

    Speak with your school counselor

    • If you have been absent, your counselor can help you navigate through a recovery plan.  This stressful situation can be tricky to navigate and your school counselor is here to help!  Visit the Appointment Request tab to the left to make an appointment to meet with your counselor.

    Additional Academic Supports

    FCS Instructional Resources

    • Click here and select a content area to access a list of instructional resources used for the principal source of study for a state-funded course from the FCS main website.

    Khan Academy

    Forsyth County Public Library


    EFHS Tutor List - This document is a work in progress.  We will continue to update it as we are made aware of new resources.


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