• Picking Just Right Books

    With so many choices in the Media Center, public library or even the bookstore, sometimes picking out the perfect book can be a challenge for students and parents. So how do you pick "just right books"? There are skills and strategies students of any grade or reading level can use anywhere to choose a book.


     Five Finger Rule

    5 Fingers


    This a great, quick test for students to decide if a book is the right reading level for them. To practice this test, read any 2 full pages in the book. As you are reading, raise a finger for every word you do not know or understand. If you reach 4 or more fingers, then the book is too hard for you to read on your own and should try another book. If you "pass" the 5 finger test, then you should ask yourself these questions:


    Will I enjoy this book and want to finish it?
    Do I understand what I am reading?
    Can I read it out loud smoothly? 

    If you answer yes to these questions, then you have picked the perfect book for you!