Rainbow Alliance

Project Green Schools
  • Sponsor: Elizabeth Kennedy Allison Stump-Cooper


    The Rainbow Alliance is a student-led club that will provide a supportive and welcoming space for LGBTQIA+ students and their friends. At club meetings, we will develop communication skills, strengthen awareness and respect for others, gain perspective on current issues, and complete community service projects.


    We also look forward to ensuring every student is able to grow in and enjoy the personal and community benefits of the FCS Learner Profile:


    • Pursuing Continuous Learning
    • Exhibiting Strong Personal Qualities
    • Utilizing and Developing Creative and Critical-Thinking Skills
    • Engaging and Contributing
    • Interacting Effectively


    Time/Location: TBD

    Meeting Dates: TBD

    Cost: N/A

    Physical: N/A

    Registrations/Application: Parent permission slip required

    More Information: N/A