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    Lakeside LEOs eSports Team


    Mr. Wilson


    What is the LEOS eSports Club all about?

    This club will compete against other Forsyth county middle schools in the following 2 esports titles - Rocket League and Brawlhalla. This year, the club is offered to a limited number of 6th, 7th and 8th grade students. A total of 12 positions has been alloted for this year and there will be tryouts for the 12 total positions available. 6 players will be selected for Rocket League, and 6 players will be selected for Brawlhalla. Students cannot try out for both games, so make sure to select the one you want to try out for ahead of time.

    Those spots will be selected purely based on your skill level at your chosen game at the tryout event in early September.
    For the previous 2 years, the Lakeside LEOS were the Spring season 3v3 Rocket League champions - with the trophies to show for it. eSports is officially recognized within the county now as an athletic CLUB at the middle school level. There will be practices and meeting times with the expectation that team members will show up on time ready to compete. Students with many other commitments and time constraints that would keep them from practices and matches will not be a good fit for this team - in particular, there are usually several conflicting events with advanced Band, for example.

    We will not be doing a fundraiser this year, and there will instead be a flat fee to join that will only be paid by members who make the final team. The exact club fee amount and maximum number of players allowed will be decided at the next coaches meeting at the end of August and are currently TBD.


    Fall will consist of competitive individual play

    Spring will consist of competitive team play


    When does this club meet?

    The first informational meeting is planned for Thursday, September 7th during Flex time - be on the lookout for that meeting option.

    Once selected, the members of the team will meet before and afterschool as well as during FLEXtime. Exact meeting dates are still being determined, but at the beginning-of-year coaches meeting it was decided to move our tournament days to Wednesdays rather than Thursday like it was last year. If this changes anyone's availability, please make a note of it.


    Other club information:

    There will be a fee associated with this club, but TBA.

    Competition dates are also TBA, but supposedly official matches for the Fall season will begin after Fall break.

Last Modified on August 28, 2023