What Is The Leadership Academy?

    The primary purpose of this program is to develop confident and positive student leaders. Students will also learn about teamwork, goal setting, decision making, and time management. Students in Hendricks’ Leadership Academy will have the opportunity to develop ideas for school culture and community building and present these ideas to our school’s leaders. Additionally, students will be responsible for assisting in organizing and coordinating  activities such as spirit days, fundraisers, operating the school store, community service activities, socials, and more.  Through these activities, students will have the chance to make a huge impact on our school!

    How Does The Leadership Academy Work With My Schedule? 

    Hendrick's Leadership Academy has three different formats.

    9 Week Course: This is an auto-generated course for 6-8 graders. In this class, students will focus on learning the foundational skills of leadership. 

    Semester Course: We offer a semester-long connections class that is application based. This is an option for 7th grade students. For individuals that are selected to be a part of the Leadership Academy, Leadership would be one of their connections for BOTH quarters in a semester. This class is fun, but it also requires a great deal of responsibility.

    Year-Long Course: We offer a year-long course where eighth graders have the opportunity to experience leadership opportunities within the community. We will work with local businesses to help develop solutions to company problems. 

    What Are The Expectations?

    The Leadership Academy at Hendricks Middle School is an important part of our school culture. The success of the Leadership Academy is dependent upon the strength of the students that are selected for the program. As a student in the Leadership Academy, you will be expected to conduct yourself as a leader and be a positive role model at school.

    A successful Leadership Academy student is someone who is:

    • Responsible, organized, and willing to go the extra mile
    • Successful in the classroom
    • A person of high moral character