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  • East Forsyth High School is proud to provide a variety of opportunities to learn modern and classical languages, featuring courses from level 1 through AP in Spanish, French, American Sign Language, and Latin. 

    Whether you are an avid language learner or you find the idea of learning a new language intimidating, all of our language offerings are built to accommodate learners of all kinds.  No matter which language you pursue at East Forsyth, you will learn about not only the language itself but the people who speak, spoke, or sign it, and you will have access to a wide-range of activities, organizations, and events that celebrate the diverse cultures represented in our world languages department.  Knowledge of languages beyond English lends itself to a wide-range of positive outcomes in life beyond the classroom, and it is our goal to help students realize this potential. Multilingualism is linked strongly to lifelong benefits in job marketability, cognitive development, and cross-cultural awareness.  

    Please do not hesitate to reach out to any of our teachers for more information on our scholastic and extracurricular language programs. 


    Here are some common questions about world language courses:

    Are world language classes required to graduate from high school?

    World language classes are not a graduation requirement in Georgia; however, 4-year universities do require that applicants have passed at least 2 levels of a language (e.g. French 1 and 2).

    Which language is easiest or hardest?

    This question will have a different answer depending on whom you ask, their preferences and previous knowledge.  For example, someone who speaks Spanish will find the material in a class like Latin or French to be more familiar to them, since the languages share a lot of roots.  However, the number one defining factor in how well one does in a world language course is their desire to be there.  So instead of trying to take a language because others have said that it’s easy, really sit back and think which one you would find most interesting.  


    Do I have to start my world language course in my freshman year?

    When you start taking a language course depends on your academic goals.  Do you aspire to take AP Spanish, French, or Latin?  If so, then yes, you should plan to take a language course starting in your freshman year.  AP Spanish Language is most commonly offered starting in 11th grade, while AP Latin and French are most often taken in senior year, after finishing the first 3 levels in 9th, 10th, and 11th grade.

    If you only aim to complete the 2 levels required for a 4-year university, then you have more flexibility as to when you begin your language courses.  Since 4-year universities do require completion of a level 1 and 2 course, then you would want to plan to start your language no later than 11th grade.


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