• Dual Enrollment

  • NEW + RETURNING Dual Enrollment Students

    Processes have changed from years past, so it is very important that all students - new and returning - read the information below very carefully. 


    The Forsyth County deadline to apply for Dual Enrollment for the 2024-2025 school year (including Summer 2024, Fall 2024, and Spring 2025) is

    April 26th, 2024.

  • What is Dual Enrollment?

    Georgia’s Dual Enrollment Program provides students enrolled at an eligible public or private high school or home study program in Georgia the opportunity to earn high school and college credit at a participating eligible postsecondary institution in Georgia.

    Georgia’s Dual Enrollment Program offers students the opportunity to experience college courses and begin their college academic career while still in high school and provides for standard tuition, mandatory fees and required books.

    The program is offered during all terms of the school year.

    Click HERE to be directed to the Georgia Student Finance Commission's Dual Enrollment website for more information.

    Click HERE to view the powerpoint presentation from the FCS Dual Enrollment Night that was held on January 23, 2024. 

  • FCS Requirements:


    Step 1 = Attend the January 23 Forsyth County Dual Enrollment Information Night or Watch the Recorded Presentation linked HERE.

    Step 2 = Log into Infinite Campus PARENT PORTAL and complete the "FCS Dual Enrollment Intent to Participate" form. Directions on how to find and complete the form can be found HERE.

    Step 3 = Research college admissions requirements for Dual Enrollment and decide which college you will apply to. Dual Enrollment information can easily be found by searching "college name" and "dual enrollment."

    Step 4 = Apply to the college of choice on the college website. Go to the Dual Enrollment page on the college admission website and complete all steps of the required application. Send in any required documents the college is requesting.

    • SFHS Addition: If you are only applying to Ga Tech for DE Math courses, you will not be able to complete their application until it becomes available May 15. You still must continue with all other parts of this process, so keep reading! We recommend students apply to another school as a back-up should they not receive acceptance to participate in Ga Tech's DE Math courses. 
    • SFHS Addition: If you participated in Dual Enrollment during the 23-24 school year and plan to continue with Dual Enrollment at the same college in 24-25, check with the college to see if there is anything additional you need to do to remain eligible to continue at that school. Some colleges may require you to re-apply each year.

    Step 5 = Take the required tests for admission to Dual Enrollment - may include SAT, ACT, or Accuplacer. Send test scores to the college via the testing agency. (If the college accepts PSAT scores, go to your high school Dual Enrollment website to see how to submit your scores.) 

    • SFHS Addition: If the college accepts PSAT scores, email your school counselor to request they send your PSAT score. Be sure to provide your school counselor with the email address the college wants the PSAT score sent to. Failure to provide the email address will delay the process in getting your PSAT score sent to the college in a timely manner.

    Step 6 = Request your official high school transcript through Parchment and have it sent to the college. 

    • SFHS Addition: Please know that Parchment is not an automated service. Transcripts are processed in Parchment by our school's registrar, so transcript requests sent over the weekend and/or during a school holiday will not be processed until the next work day. As a result, it is very important that you do not wait until the last minute to request items to be sent to colleges!

    Step 7 = Starting February 1, log into GA Futures and create an account to complete the student portion of the GA Futures Funding Application. Parents, check your email for an acknowledgment form to complete once the student submits their portion.

    • SFHS Addition: Sometimes this email goes to parents' junk inboxes, so be sure to check there as well!

    Step 8 = Research classes you want to take on the DE Course Directory. Be sure you are looking at the correct college (use the drop-down list). 

    Step 9 = STOP - Go to your school's Dual Enrollment Page for information on scheduling your Course Advisement Session.

    • SFHS Addition: You are here! Continue with the "SFHS Requirements" below.

  • SFHS Requirements:

    Step 10 = Check your email often to see if/when you have been accepted to the college. As soon as you receive your acceptance email, forward that (or send a screenshot) to your school counselor.

    • If you are ONLY applying to Georgia Tech's DE Math courses, email your counselor to let him/her know you have completed all other steps listed on this page and that you will apply to Georgia Tech as soon as the application becomes available May 15. 
    • If you participated in Dual Enrollment during the 23-24 school year and plan to continue with Dual Enrollment at the same college in 24-25, check with the college to see if there is anything additional you need to do to remain eligible to continue at that school. Then, email your school counselor informing them that your college confirmed you are eligible to continue enrollment at that school.

    Step 11 = Your school counselor will verify you have completed all of the above steps. Once verified, they will reply back with an invitation for you to attend a "SFHS Dual Enrollment + Course Advisement Session" which will be held during IF. 

    Step 12 = On the day of your "SFHS Dual Enrollment + Course Advisement Session," you will see your pass to attend in the "Student Support Time" application. It is your responsibility to attend this required session or to communicate with your school counselor if you need to be assigned to a later date. 

    Step 13 = At the end of the meeting, you will be given a "I've attended the SFHS Dual Enrollment + Course Advisement Session - Now What?" sheet. On your own, you will need to fill out the sheet indicating what classes you would like to take during Summer 2024, Fall 2024, and/or Spring 2025. You and your parent/guardian must sign the sheet.

    Step 14 = You will need to bring your "I've attended the SFHS Dual Enrollment + Course Advisement Session - Now What?" sheet to the Counseling Office and submit it to Mrs. McKinzie, Counseling Secretary. She will make a copy of it for your school counselor. 

    Step 15 = Wait to receive an email from your school counselor indicating the courses you have requested to take have been approved and entered into the GA Futures Funding Application. Your school counselor will also email you if there is a problem with the course(s) you requested to take. 

    Step 16 = Now that your course request(s) have been approved by your school counselor, you must actually REGISTER for the course(s) with the college. Follow whatever your college's steps have listed to register for courses. 

    • Please note: Some students mistakenly believe their school counselor registers them for the college course, but that is not true. The school counselor reviews and approves/denies the course request and enters it into the Funding Application, but it is the student's responsibility to actually register for the course with the college. 

    Step 17 = Once you have registered for the course(s) with the college, you need to send a copy of your college schedule to your school counselor. DE schedules must be sent to your school counselor PRIOR TO THE FIRST DAY OF EACH SEMESTER FOR FORSYTH COUNTY SCHOOLS:

    Summer 2024 Deadline: May 28, 2024 at 4:00 PM

    Fall 2024 Deadline: July 31, 2024 at 4:00 PM

    Spring 2025 Deadline: January 5, 2025 at 4:00 PM


    1. Failure to provide a copy of your college schedule indicating you are registered in course(s) by the date listed above will result in forfeiting your ability to participate in Dual Enrollment for that semester.
      • Your DE Funding will be removed for the semester, and you will be scheduled into SFHS classes, if necessary, to meet FCS minimum course requirements and/or graduation requirements.
    2. Even if the college is still in its drop/add period, please know:
      • SFHS cannot control if a college allows you to drop a class during this time, but we will not approve adding any new/additional DE courses past the deadline(s) listed above. As a result, if you do drop a class, SFHS may need to schedule you into SFHS classes, if necessary, to meet FCS minimum course requirements and/or graduation requirements. 

  • CONGRATULATIONS! You have completed all 17 steps to participate in Dual Enrollment! 


    For questions regarding the Dual Enrollment process, please email your school counselor for a prompt reply OR visit the CCC (room 653) any morning from 8:00-8:25 AM to get help from a school counselor.