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    Pathway Medallions

  • Pathway Medallions

    What are the steps to apply?

    To qualify, students must print the appropriate form(s) below and complete all sections (except the GPA verification). Once you have all of the other sections of the form completed, turn in your form to the Counseling Office NO LATER THAN MARCH 28. Counselors will verify GPA and sign off on that portion at that time. 

    Who is eligible?

    Senior students can earn a medallion for graduation in the following areas: advanced academic, fine arts, foreign language, and/or career tech.

    What are the requirements?

    To earn a medallion, students must be a member of an honor society and have completed at least 3 courses within their area of completion, as well as additional requirements located on each of the forms below.

    What if I qualify for a medallion in multiple areas?

    If a student qualifies for a medallion in multiple areas, they will receive a PIN for each additional pathway. Students will only receive 1 medallion.

    When will I receive my medallion/pin(s)?

    If your form is submitted before MARCH 28 and approved, you will receive your medallion/pin(s) in May, prior to graduation.  

    What about the community service requirement? 

    The community service requirement IS REQUIRED for the 2022-2023 school year.

  • Georgia Department of Education Career Ready Diploma Seals

    ...signify to employers that a student is prepared for the workforce. Click here for more information.

    Career Pathway Seals

    • contact your CTAE teacher with questions

    Seal of Biliteracy

    International Skills Diploma

  • Fine Arts Pathway

    Fine Arts Pathway Verification Form

    Advanced Academic Pathway

    Advanced Academic Pathway Verification Form

    You can pursue in either English, Math, Science, OR Social Studies. Based on the subject you choose, you will enter the 3 courses you took in the first box (they do not have to be honors or AP/IB/DE classes). In the last box, the forms asks for you to list 2 AP/IB/DE classes that you have taken in any subject area. You cannot repeat a class that you already listed in the first box.