• Summer 2023 Course Registration

  • If you plan to complete a course during Summer 2023, please complete the Waiver Form before it closes on Jan 30th to indicate what class you want to take over the summer and what new class you are requesting in your schedule for next school year.  This is important for accurate staffing and course offerings during the 2023-2024 school year.


    In addition, you will need to register for the summer class through the program listed below when registration opens for each.

  • Forsyth Virtual (FVA)

    Step 1: Review FVA Summer 2023 Course Offerings and Cost-

    • Geometry A (0.5)- $247.50; bridge course; students must have Algebra I credit on transcript
    • Personal Fitness (0.5)- $247.50; graduation requirement
    • Health (0.5)- $247.50; graduation requirement
    • American Government (0.5)- $247.50; graduation requirement
    • Personal Finance and Economics (0.5)- $247.50; graduation requirement
    • Spanish II (1.0)- $495.00
    • Spanish III (1.0)- $495.00; rigor course
    • Introduction to Healthcare Science (1.0)- $495.00; elective pathway
    • Introduction to Software Technology (1.0)- $495.00; elective pathway
    • Visual Arts I (1.0)- $520.00 (includes required art kit); elective pathway
    • Forensic Science (1.0)- $495.00; rigor course

    Step 2: Register for course(s) through the FVA website starting February 8!

    Please note:

    • FVA Summer Courses run for 6 weeks (May 31 - July 12)
    • Payment transactions will incur a flat processing fee of $7.50.
    • Required Materials: You will need a computer and reliable internet access. You will need a way to record videos (webcam, phone, etc.). For Personal Fitness, you will need to have a simple fitness tracker that can track steps (pedometer, Fit Bit, smartphone/ device, etc.)
  • Georgia Virtual Schools (GAVS)

    Step 1: Review GAVS Summer 2023 Course Offerings

    Step 2: Register for course(s) starting at 12:00 PM on March 1st at gavirtualschool.org. You can follow the steps listed HERE for help creating an account.

    • Please ensure you are registering for the correct version of the course: 
      • A= first semester (.5)
      • B= second semester (.5)
      • AB= full credit (1.0)

    Please note:

    • Cost is $250 per .5 credit and $500 per 1.0 credit
    • All courses are first come, first serve. A student does not have a spot in the class until payment is made and the course request shows enrolled.