• 2023-2024 Virtual Course Registration

    We encourage all families to submit their virtual registration requests before May 25th so we can ensure proper scheduling and staffing for the 2023-2024 school year.


    Students can request a Hybrid (Part-Time) or Full-Time Virtual Schedule (to be combined with their classes at South Forsyth).
    Hybrid (Part-Time):  Defined as at least 1 – 6 virtual classes

    Full-time:  Defined as 7 virtual classes through FVA


    Please follow the steps below ONLY if you are requesting virtual for the 2023-2024 school year.


    This commitment is for the entirety of the school year and this enrollment will not be changed once the deadline has passed.


    If there is a conflict between your virtual and face-to-face course requests, an SFHS Counselor will reach to you before school starts in August to discuss your options.    

  • Georgia Virtual Registration


    Step 1: Review Georgia Virtual's 23-24 Course Offerings (not yet available).


    Step 2: Complete the South Forsyth Virtual Course Registration Form, indicating which 2023-2024 courses will be completed virtually.


    Step 3:  Create an account at www.gavirtualschool.org and register for the virtual classes you intend to take. This required step will allow the GAVS facilitator at South Forsyth to officially register you into the GAVS class. You are NOT registered into the class until this step is complete and the facilitator has approved your enrollment in the class. 

    • Registration for Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 classes opens on March 30th on the GAVS website.  It is highly recommended that families set a reminder to register on or near this date as GAVS classes will fill up quickly.  Simply completing the South Forsyth Virtual Course Registration Form DOES NOT enroll you into a GAVS course.
    • How to create a GAVS account and register for a class
    • Please ensure you are registering for the correct version of the course: 
      • A= first semester (.5)
      • B= second semester (.5)
      • AB= full credit (1.0)


    Step 4: When schedules are released in late July, check your child’s schedule for GAVS placeholders indicating virtual class selection.