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  • HOPE & Zell Miller Scholarships

    HOPE Scholarship


    Zell Miller Scholarship

    • 3.7 HOPE GPA (calculated by the Georgia Student Finance Commission
      • core classes only: English, math, science, foreign language, social science
      • .5 quality point added for AP/IB/DE courses (never goes above 4.0)
    • total test score of 1200 SAT (single administration of test) or composite test score of 26 on ACT (single administration of test)


    *Completion of the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) also serves as the application for the HOPE/Zell Miller Scholarship. The FAFSA can be completed after October 1 of the students senior year.  If you are not planning to complete the FAFSA, students can complete the GSFAPPS (Georgia Student Finance APP) on www.gafutures.org.  Applications must be completed before the student graduates from high school.

  • Scholarship Search

    College Board Opportunity Scholarships

    "Complete 6 college planning steps for 6 separate chances at $500. When you finish all 6, you'll be entered into a drawing for a $40,000 scholarship, but you can still earn money even if you don't complete them all." Students can start completing steps and winning scholarships as early as 10th grade year.  No citizenship requirements for the Big Futures scholarships.  Click to learn more: 

    College Board


    College & Universities

    College and Universities represent the largest source of scholarships for students attending college. Scholarships amounts vary! Check the financial aid and scholarship resources posted on the college you would like to attend. 

    • President Scholarships
    • Merit Based Scholarships
    • Departmental Scholarships
    • First Generation Scholarships
    • Endowed Scholarships

     Additional Scholarships Resources

    • Community resources (community foundations, civic associations, social and professional clubs, fraternal organizations {e.g., Elks, Moose, Kiwanis, Sertoma}, patriotic and veteran's organizations, local trust funds)
    • Parent's and student's employers
    • Faith-based organizations (churches, temples, mosques, etc.)
    • Extra-curricular organizations (4-H, Boy/Girl Scouts, musicians' organizations, civic theaters, etc.)
    • Volunteer and community service scholarships (nominated through schools and youth organizations)
    • Hospitals or other health service providers 
    • Local businesses
    • Scholarship scams do exist.  Please thoroughly research all scholarships before applying.  Never apply for scholarships that charge a fee or ask for credit card, debit card, or bank account information.

     Search Engines

     Financial aid and scholarship resources for minority students
    Students with disabilities who are entering college will find that there are selective scholarship opportunities for which they may apply that can help pay for school. Below, discover scholarships, both narrowly- and broadly-focused, that can help students with disabilities pay for their educations, as well as additional resources for obtaining funding. 
    Organization dedicated to reducing college debt through grants and scholarships.
    Scholarship search engine for a variety of student profiles


     U.S. Dept. of Labor's free scholarship tool 


    Atlanta Scholarships - A FREE guide to Greater Atlanta area based scholarship information!


    Federal Student Aid – Funding your education, loans, FAFSA online


    E Student loan – student loan information and applications


    Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) – online application/federal aid


    Fast Web – scholarship and college searches; financial aid tools


    Finaid! – Scholarships, loans, savings, military aid


     Free, searchable scholarship database


    Georgia Student Finance Commission -HOPE Scholarship Program, loans, and grants


    The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation’s scholarship programs are designed to encourage and support outstanding students who work hard and have financial need. Our scholarships provide financial assistance and academic support to high school, undergraduate, and graduate students. In addition to the monetary award, students join a thriving network of nearly 2,500 Cooke Scholars.


    The American Legion offers a number of scholarships and other resources to assist young people in their pursuit of higher education
     As seen on SHARK TANK:  Helping students and parents find free money to pay for college!  Does require a membership fee to join.
    Scholarship and school search engine


    Micro scholarships given through specific colleges for certain achievement


    Unigo – scholarship search help, financial aid & college searches


    Scholarships.com – Free scholarship search, financial aid resources, education loans


    Scholarships 360 is a search engine designed to match individuals with scholarships that meet their profile.


     Free, searchable scholarship database
     This website has been designed to help your school find scholarships for students who are interested in attending a post secondary school.


    Free resource for students for a variety of scholarships.  May sign up for a weekly newsletter with current scholarship information sent to your mailbox.


    Upromise - get college savings when you buy groceries and more


    Sallie Mae. Information about financing college as well as scholarship information and search