• Transcript Requests

  • Seniors- Important Update about Mid-Year Transcript Requests


    ALL Mid-Year transcript requests must be ordered through your Parchment account.  This includes mid-year transcripts needed for Common App or to be sent directly to the college.

    • Just like in fall, you will order your transcript to be sent to the specific college or to Common Application.
    • New step for Mid-Years ONLY :
      • When you are making your request in Parchment, you must select   HOLD FOR GRADES so we don't process the request until after any final grades from semester 1 are posted.


    We will process all mid-year requests as soon as grades from semester 1 are posted and as soon as semester 2 schedules are complete. Please be patient with the process. Colleges understand that high schools across the nation end semester 1 at different times and there is a process for loading grades and credits before releasing transcripts.

  • How to Connect your Parchment and Common App Accounts and Save $$$:


    Step 1:  Create an account at www.commonapp.org, and write down your Common App ID in a secure location. You will need this ID number to make sure your transcript gets to the right place. Use the My Colleges section of the Common App Online to assign and invite your counselor to be a recommender. Make sure you type in your counselor’s name and email address correctly.


    Step 2: Create your Parchment account at www.parchment.com. When you get to the part where you search for your college name, type “Common Application” and search. Common Application (First Year Applicants) will come up on a list, select it and continue. On the next screen, you will enter your Common App ID #. Verify that the information is correct: your name and your counselor’s name. It will even list the colleges that you have selected on your Common Application! Click the Save and Continue button to move on. 


    Step 3:  Complete the payment portion on Parchment and complete your order. This will allow the Counseling Office to automatically connect your transcript to your Common App account and you only had to pay 1 transcript request fee for all of your Common App colleges!  


    **Reminder -  You will need to log back into Parchment and request your mid-year (late-January) and final (May) transcripts to be sent to Common App as well, so be sure to put a reminder on your calendar to not forget these important steps.

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