• GRIT Coin

    As part of our PBIS work, we have implemented an acknowledgment system that allows us to recognize and reinforce positive behaviors in our students. This is done through the use of a token that we call "GRIT Coin." Staff members use  PBIS Rewards on Classlink to give digital Gritcoins to recognize students when they see them displaying Generosity, Responsibility, Integrity, or Teamwork throughout the building. 

    Students work throughout the year to earn Gritcoins! They can use these rewards to purchase both items and events that are held once quarterly or from individual teachers' Gritcoin stores!

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    GRIT Coin School Store:

    Handpicked Items by the Student GRIT Team include: Bendy Pencils, Friendship Braclets, Desk Pet Erasers, Squishies, AirHead Candies, Lollipops, Glowsticks, Squishy Toys, Sodas, Chips and more!




    Grit Coin Redemption Activities:


    1st Quarter Activities: 

    • Karaoke Party with Ms.Daise
    • How to Train your Dragon with Beardie and Ms.Gann
    • K9 Officer Experience with Officer Vash and Forsyth County Sheriffs K9 Officers
    • Eat your lunch Outside with your Grade level
    • Popsicles with the Principal
    • Cooking with Ms.Viceroy
    • School dog presentation with Winnie and Ms.Mastrangelo
    • Skincare with Ms.Monin
    • Food Craft with Ms.Smith
    • Glow in the Dark Dance Party with Ms.Shelton



    2nd Quarter Activities:

    • Hot Chocolate with the Principal and Friends (multiple sessions)
    • Skincare with Ms.Monin
    • Make Snow with Ms. Daise
    • It is All About the Snowman with Ms.Crossen
    • Relax and Chill with Friends with Dr.Cutler
    • Cooking with Ms.Viceroy
    • Bracelet making with Ms.Smith
    • Computer Games with Ms.Hardin
    • Trivia Challenge with Ms.Wildes
    • Watercolor Winterland with Ms.Russel
    • Make Slime with Ms.Gibson
    • Shoot Hoops with Mr.Walden


    3rd Quarter Activities:

    • Luckiest Grit - Make rainbows and Pots of Gold Snacks with Ms.Daise
    • Cupcake Picnic with the Principals
    • It is All About the Flowers with Ms.Crossen
    • Make-up Tips with Ms. Monin
    • Outdoor Adventures with Winnie and Ms.Mastrangelo
    • Shoot Hoops with Walden and Wynn
    • Taylor Swift Club with Ms.Hardin
    • Spikeball with Dr.Devries
    • Popcorn and Trivia With Dr.Cutler
    • Outdoor lunch with Ms.Scott
    • Spring Food Craft with Ms. Smith
    • Parrot Time with Rio and Ms.Gibson


    4th Quarter Activities:

    To Be Announced!

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    Before we had individual Awards, our school picked winners each week!

    Historical Photos of GRIT Winners throughout the years!