• WFHS Investing & Finance Club

    Founder / President - Rahil Patel
    Co-founder / Vice President - Christos Kaloudis
    Faculty Sponsor - William Robertson (Room 1863)

    Our mission is to increase the financial knowledge and wealth of our members, to learn about investing in stocks, options, cryptocurrencies, and to have fun while doing it. We will accomplish our mission through continuous education, sharing of research, and regular investing with both short-term and long-term perspectives. We plan on starting with two meetings every month. Due to the current situation, the meetings will either be scheduled at a physical location with adequate distancing or over a microsoft teams call. In these meetings we will discuss our outlooks on the market, reflect on the best/worst trades we made, and talk about any new ideas we have. All of the members of the club will be provided with a simulation trading account that they can use to practice and learn. I will also be sending out a weekly watch list every Monday to the members. Our club will also participate in trading competitions with other schools in the county. There will also be monthly competitions held within our own school’s club with prizes and other incentives for the winner. In addition, we will try to book at least one guest speaker every month that is knowledgeable on the topics.

    Current Members
    - Rahil Patel
    - Christos Kaloudis
    - Paxton Byars
    - Owen Anderson
    - Griffin Egolf
    - Jacob Mink
    - Ryan Campbell
    - Merrick Theobald
    - Frankie Strong
    - Noah Amick
    - Nick Vaughn
    - Zane Brooks

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Last Modified on October 28, 2021