• Forsyth County Schools Strategic Planning Process 2022-2027 

    12/20 Update: Phase I of our 2022-2027 Strategic Planning is now complete. We are so thankful for the participation of over 1,000 stakeholders in Forsyth County who completed our survey and participated in one of our three Community Engagement Focus Group sessions. The data collected from the surveys and focus group will be used to inform Phase II of our process, which is the Planning Phase.  In February, we will bring together members of our community, students, school staff, and district personnel to develop the strategic objectives and ‘big picture’ direction for our system to take for the next five years.

    We encourage you to click on the links below to analyze the community engagement data that we will be considering during the second phase.  Other information that will be analyzed will include financial reports, CCRPI ratings, academic achievement, staff retention rates, climate surveys, and all of the various components that are used to measure our progress and success as a system. These details can be found throughout the District Services pages on our website.

    We look forward to updating you further as we enter the next phase of our 2022-2027 Strategic Plan.

    *The things listed on the spreadsheets for the focus group nights do not include every item placed on the chart paper those evenings. If something was mentioned multiple times at all three sessions, it was listed on the spreadsheet, even if it did not have a sticker. Because it came up consistently, we listed it. If, however, something came up, but neither received any stickers nor was mentioned multiple times, it did not get listed.

    What is a strategic plan?

    Every five years, Forsyth County Schools develops a long-range blueprint for continuous improvement. This plan entails gathering feedback from our school system’s stakeholders – meaning parents/guardians, students, staff, and community members. The focus of that feedback centers on answering questions about what our schools are doing well, what areas we need to improve upon, what external issues exist that could impact us, and what external opportunities have emerged that we should consider. Armed with that feedback, as well as information provided through our accreditation process, a planning committee made up of community members, students, and school district personnel will analyze all of the data collected, including the results from the execution of our previous strategic plan. Our mission, vision, and belief statements will be refined as needed and major strategic objectives will be developed for us to focus on over the next five years.  Finally, an action team of educators will develop the steps needed to be taken to achieve measurable success on each of our strategic objectives.

     How is stakeholder feedback collected?

    There were two primary methods of collecting feedback. The first was a community online survey that began in September and ended in mid-November. The second method was our Community Engagement Focus Groups, which comprised of representatives from each of our 42 schools, including parents/guardians, teachers, administrators, and community members. 

    What is the timeline for the completion of the strategic planning process?

    September – November                  

    Community Engagement: Surveys & focus groups

    February – March                              

    Planning Team: Establishment of Vision, Mission, and Belief Statements, Strategic Goal Areas, and Performance Objectives (Strategy Map) based on     feedback and data collected.

    March – April                                    

    Action & Accountability (A & A) Teams: Review of the Strategy Map.

    Planning Team: If A & A Teams need to alter major goal areas, objectives, the Planning Team will need to review those changes.


    Board of Education: Review of Strategy Map for final approval

    April - May                                        

    Action & Accountability Teams: Develop the Initiatives, Performance Measures, and Action Steps to align with Strategic Goal Areas and Performance Objectives

    May - June                                        

    District Leadership:  Post comprehensive 2022-2027 strategic plan


    School Leadership:  Alignment of School Improvement plans with FCS Strategic Plan

    Who do I contact to learn more?

    You may reach out to the Forsyth County Schools Deputy Superintendent’s office.