• Economics

    Club Sponsors:  John McCormick

    Club Overview: 
    The Lambert Economics Club provides its members with economics-oriented opportunities beyond what standard high school curriculums offer. In addition to AP Microeconomics and AP Macroeconomics instruction, members are provided the opportunity to learn about the various subfields within Economics, compete in regional, state, national, and international competitions, and connect with local professional organizations.
    Officer Team:
    Founding President: Justin Wang
    Vice-President: Neal Karani
    Vice-President: Anish Madireddy
    Secretary: Anant Verma
    Treasurer: Arhan Barve
    Executive Manager: Andrew Lee
    U.S. National Economics Team:
    Lambert Economics Club members placed first in the United States National Economics Cup - the National/Regional Cup & Continental Qualifier for the World Economics Cup - and are slated to compete on behalf of the United States against the national teams of 41 countries in the World Economics Cup in October. Below the members of the team: 
    Justin Wang (Team Captain)
    Anish Madireddy (Team Captain)
    Arhan Barve
    Neal Karani
    Samhitha Kovi
    Anant Verma
    National Economics Challenge (Adam Smith Division) Team: 
    Neal Karani
    Samhitha Kovi
    Anish Madireddy
    Justin Wang
    Economics Competitions:
    Members are provided the opportunity to compete in the following competitions each year:
    U.S. National Economics Cup
    North American Continental Economics Cup
    World Economics Cup
    National Economics Challenge (David Ricardo Division)
    National Economics Challenge (Adam Smith Division)
    Wharton Global High School Investment Competition
    National Personal Finance Challenge
    Northwestern Economics Tournament
    National Economics Bowl
    National Economics Olympiad
    Harvard Pre-Collegiate Economics Challenge
    University of North Georgia Nighthawks Economics Showdown
    Past Results:
    U.S. National Economics Cup: First Place
    National Economics Challenge (David Ricardo Division): Fourth Place
    National Economics Challenge (Adam Smith Division): Third Place
    Wharton Global High School Investment Competition: International Semifinalists (Top 50/5,500+ Teams)
    National Personal Finance Challenge: 2x Fourth Place
Last Modified on November 17, 2023