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    What is a Peer Buddy?  

                    A Peer Buddy is a typically developing, similar aged student that is paired with a student with physical and development disabilities. Rising eighth grade students are eligible to apply for this program. Being a Peer Buddy allows positive social interactions and social relationships to develop between students with and without disabilities.  If your student will be an eighth grader next year, please encourage them to apply for this program!

    What will a Peer Buddy do? 

                    Peer Buddies will work with their buddies during one of their ​connections classes for one quarter. This class will be part of your schedule every day. You will receive a grade for it at the end of the quarter. When the Peer Buddy is working with their buddy in the classroom, their focus will be to interact with the buddy in completing tasks as needed. These tasks include but are not limited to cooking, cleaning, and other social skills activities. You will never be alone with your buddy. There will always be adult supervision in the classroom.  

                    The Peer Buddy will travel with their buddy to each of their stations, assisting, prompting, and helping them with their work. At times, you will be in the centers while at other times, you will be doing a social skills activity.  


    How do I become a Peer Buddy?  

    1.       Complete the Peer Buddy application and get your parent or guardians’ permission. Application and permission form can be found in the counseling suite. 

    2.       The selected students will go through a short interview with Mrs. Coats. This interview will be an opportunity for you to show why you are interested in being a Peer Buddy and what skills you have to offer when working with students with disabilities.  

    3.       After the interview, students will attend a short orientation to know how to address behaviors and what is expected while interacting with a buddy.  

    Things to consider:  

    *Applying to the Peer Buddy Program does not guarantee you will be selected. 

    * You will never be alone with your buddy. There will always be adult supervision in the classroom. 


    Please follow the link below to access the Peer Buddy Application

    2023-2024 Peer Buddy Program Application