• The South Forsyth Middle School's Learner Profile seeks to create a clear path to success for all students. We strive to support this vision through our English/Language Arts Curriculum. Through reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language instruction, we encourage our students to seek knowledge and understanding and to pursue continuous learning.  Our instruction is designed to help students learn to read independently and think critically as they reflect on and adapt to an ever-changing world.  We also want to prepare our students for the future by teaching them the communication skills necessary to engage and compete in a global environment.   

    English/Language Arts (ELA) teachers maintain an expectation that all students will read novels of their choice outside of school as well as any in-class novels assigned during the school year.

    Language Arts Literacy Classes are designed to help our students become critical readers, effective writers, efficient users of resource materials, and confident speakers.
    Academic Language Arts Enrichment is designed to help students learn how to learn with the goal of creating independent learners.  To accomplish this goal, this course will cover a variety of learning strategies developed and validated through research at The University of Kansas, Center for Research on Learning. This course strives to make real-world connections through various activities and projects throughout the year while supporting many of the English Language Arts standards. This course also focuses on organization and time management skills to prepare students for the future. 


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