• The Mathematics program at South Forsyth Middle School is challenging and rigorous at each level that is offered. Teachers follow the Georgia Standards of Excellence for Mathematics, as well as county guidelines. In Grade 7, there are three different levels of math.

    On Level 7th Grade Math: This is the standard course of study for Grade 7. Students will master all of the Grade 7 Georgia Standards of Excellence.  

    Advanced 7th Grade Math: In this course, students master the standards necessary to enroll in Algebra for high school credit in Grade 8. In addition to the Grade 7 standards, students will master specifically chosen Grade 8 Geometric & Spatial Reasoning, Patterning & Algebraic Reasoning, and Numerical Reasoning standards.  

    Accelerated 7th Grade Math: This course consists of mathematics standards that all students should master in order to study Algebra/Geometry A for high school credit in Grade 8.  In this course, students master the second half of Grade 7 standards and all of the Grade 8 Standards.

    7th Grade Standards

    8th Grade Standards

    Forsyth County Schools Course Sequence Map



  • All 7th grade students are required to have a TI-30XS calculator for class

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