• The middle school life science course is designed to give students the necessary skills for a smooth transition from elementary life science standards to high school biology standards.  The purpose is to give all students an overview of common strands in life science including, but not limited to, diversity of living organisms, structure and function of cells, heredity, ecosystems, and biological evolution.  Students will develop the skill necessary to keep records of their observations and use those records to analyze the data they collect.  They observe and use observations to explain the diversity of living organisms and how the organisms are classified.  They use different models to represent systems such as cells, tissues, and organs.  They use what they know about ecosystems to explain the cycling of matter and energy.  They use the concepts of natural selection and fossil evidence in explanations.  Seventh graders write instructions, describe observations, and show information in graphical form.  When analyzing the data they collect, seventh graders can recognize relationships in simple charts and graphs and find more than one way to interpret their findings.


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