• Health Conditions and Medication at School

    If your student has a chronic medical condition/illness, please click the link below to access the proper Action Plan/forms needed to address your students' medical needs while at Alliance. Action Plans are only valid for one year; therefore, a new one must be completed each school year. Be sure to review plans with the physician and verify that all signatures are obtained (including the physician's) on all documents where/if indicated. Any student with a chronic medical condition/illness should have an Action Plan on file with the school nurse in order to provide the best care possible during their time at school. See link below for forms.

    If your child needs to carry emergency medication, (epi-pen, inhaler, diabetic supplies, diastat, etc...) the proper Action Plan and Authorization to Carry must be completed and on file in the clinic. See the link below for forms.

    If your child needs medication at school, whether it is prescribed or over-over-counter, a Request for Administration of Medication must be completed. See the link below for forms.

    Please note the following Forsyth County Schools Policy:  ALL medications must be FDA approved (no vitamins or supplements, oils, natural remedies, etc...). The PARENT/GUARDIAN must bring medication to the school in its original container. Students cannot bring in their own medication. This is important for your student's protection. Any student found in possession of medication that does not meet the emergency medication requirements listed above is subject to disciplinary action. Please see full details of Forsyth County Schools medication policy on the Request to Administer Medication form in the link below.

    Note: Medications must be picked up by a PARENT/GUARDIAN, on or before the last day of school or it will be considered abandoned.  Abandoned medication will be destroyed in accordance with local, state, and federal laws/rules & guidelines by the school nurse and an administrator. Medications cannot be stored in the clinic over the summer break.

    Please click here for all required health condition forms




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