If you are interested in starting a club or organization, please keep reading!  You will need to submit a one-page proposal for your club using the guidelines below.  This hard copy (not shared via Google) needs to be turned in to Ms. Loftus in 2807. SGA will review proposals at their monthly meeting and submit these to school administration for final approval.  Please note, submission of the application does not guarantee the club or organization will be approved.  Once a decision regarding the club is made, the faculty sponsor and student representative will be notified.

         If you have questions about a submitted proposal, please see the SGA advisors, Ms. DiCesare (2217), Ms. Foxhall (1220), Ms. Marcus (1961), or Ms. Loftus (2807).


    1. Club name

    2. Club sponsor (must be a West teacher)

    3. Names of starting members (minimum of 5 currently enrolled West students)

    4. Club mission statement (if this is a National club, please include the National mission statement, also)

    5. Club cost, if any

    6. Club meetings dates/occurrences

    7. Activities/Club events (conferences/conventions/West or community events, etc.)



Last Modified on August 29, 2023