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    The Forsyth County Education Foundation is honored to partner with the Denmark family for the Dr. Leila Denmark Memorial Student Scholarship. Beginning November 7, 2022, donations will be accepted for this scholarship fund. The first 310 individuals who make a $114 tax-deductible donation to the scholarship will receive a brick from the former Hansard House/Dr. Denmark's Office with a commemorative plaque. 

    How to make your donation? Go to the Foundation home page and select the blue "donate now" button or M-F, 8 -11:30 am or 1- 4:30 pm bring your check, payable to the Forsyth County Education Foundation, to the FCS BOE Office, 1120 Dahlonega Highway, Cumming. Ask for Anita Seay.

    How to get your brick? Bricks may only be picked up by the person who makes the donation. Please stop by M-F, 8 -11:30 am or 1- 4:30 pm at the FCS BOE Office, 1120 Dahlonega Highway, Cumming. Ask for Anita Seay. We are unable to ship bricks. 

    Dr. Denmark was one of the first women pediatricians in Georgia. Working with Eli Lilly and researchers at Emory University, Dr. Denmark helped develop a successful vaccine for whooping cough in 1932. She retired at the age of 103 as one of the oldest practicing physicians in the nation. She passed away in 2012 at the age of 114 as the fifth-oldest living person in the world. Forsyth County Schools honored her with the naming of its sixth high school, which opened in 2018. The school district is working with her family to place photos, memorabilia, and items from her office in the school media center.  

    Denmark History

    In 1959, J.E. Denmark, an executive with the Federal Reserve Bank, purchased property on Mullinax Road as an investment. He later moved with his wife, Dr. Leila Denmark, to the property in 1985 where they built a new home and converted the 1880 home to an office. Mr. Denmark passed in 1990, and Dr. Denmark moved from Forsyth County in 2004. She passed away in Athens in 2012. Her descendants do not reside in the county.

    Dr. Denmark was born in Portal (GA) and completed high school in Statesboro. She and her husband also lived in metro-Atlanta (Virginia Highlands, house still in existence, and Sandy Springs, house not in existence) and Philadelphia (PA). Dr. Denmark has received many honors and recognitions over the years.

    Additionally, Forsyth County government has opened Denmark Park as greenspace and the Denmark Library is projected to opened in 2023. The State and other communities have honored her as well with naming dedications to reflect areas where she lived and practiced medicine. FCS has salvaged items from Dr. Denmark’s Office, such as doors, windows, and fireplace mantels, and will provide these to Denmark HS and the Forsyth County government, for permanent displays/exhibits.