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  • Welcome to a Great New School Year!
    Make sure you get involved in one of our career and technical student organizations (CTSOs) as early as possible this year.  We have highly successful organizations in all pathways.  Competitions are only part of the benefits.  We seek to improve leadership skills, promote personal growth, and encourage school/community service opportunities.  Be a part of a CTSOs in some way.
    Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)
    Family, Career & Community Leaders of America (FCCLA)
    An Association of Marketing Students (DECA)
    Future Health Professionals (HOSA)
    Technology Students Association (TSA)
    Skills USA
CTAE Department

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    Name Room Ext. Dept. Role Details
    Bender, Laura 118 100118 Career / Tech Teacher Engineering
    Bishop, Jacob 154 100154 Career / Tech Paraprofessional At-Risk Intervention Specialist
    Burlison, Gabrielle 445 100445 Career / Tech Teacher
    Cosson, Mikki 196 100196 Career / Tech Teacher TAP
    Heath, Kristy 213 100213 Career / Tech Teacher Marketing
    Hodges, Travis 183 100183 Career / Tech Teacher Engineering
    Martin, Dawn 157 100157 Career / Tech Teacher Culinary Arts
    Miller, Anna 131 100131 Career / Tech Teacher AVTF
    Moody, Christopher 239 100239 Career / Tech Teacher Business
    Moultrie, Stacey 135 100135 Career / Tech Teacher IT
    Turner, Kyle 369 100369 Career / Tech Teacher Turf Management
    Urbanovitch, Katie 210 100210 Career / Tech Teacher Marketing
    Yonk, Carla 156 100156 Career / Tech Department Chair Business
    Zhou, Lidan 474 100474 Career / Tech Teacher IT