• IB CAS and SL

    Creativity, Action, Service and Service Learning

  • Students enrolled in the International Baccalaureate programs must also complete a program called CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) for the IB Diploma Programme, and Service Learning for the IB Career-related Programme. This segment of the IB programs involves participation in community service, and, for example, theater production and sports.  CAS and Service Learning emphasizes the importance of life outside the world of scholarship, providing balance to the rigorous academics required by the IB program. It is intended to challenge students - to develop a value system by which they enhance their personal growth.

    Examples of CAS activities:

    • Volunteering at a Boys' or Girls' Club
    • Serving as Yearbook photographer or writer
    • Participating in performing arts
    • Competing on a school sports' team
    • Organizing a fundraiser or community service project

    At South High, we utilize an online journal and logging program called Managebac to record evidence of growth, experiences, reflection, and evidence of completion.  The program incurs a small annual fee of $11 to use per student.  Students may start a journal of CAS and Service Learning beginning the summer before they begin junior year and runs through February of their senior year when they complete a final CAS/SL CAPSTONE presentation before their peers and teachers in the program.  We hold a meeting in early August/September to register students on Managebac, and to train them in both WHAT they should be doing, and how to record it.  They receive support from our CAS/SL Coordinators.  If you have questions regarding this process, please see their contact information below.

CAS / SL Coordinators