• Turf Management

    Turf Management
  • Do you like to be outside, being hands on or appreciate the look of  perfectly manicured landscaping, athletic facilities or golf courses? If you answered yes to any of these questions then the Turf Management and Agriculture Education Pathway may be for you! Turf Management and Agriculture Education is directed towards young men and women who have a passion for being outside, working with landscape machinery, developing and designing landscapes, hardscapes and even installing and maintaining irrigation and all athletic playing surfaces from natural to artificial turf.

    Currently the turf and landscape industry has a $93 billion dollar impact annually nationwide. With the economic growth and need for landscape, turf and soil science professionals, there are 7 employment opportunities for each professional to choose from within the industry, ranging from educational backgrounds of a high school diploma to a doctorate degree. The opportunities available in our industry rival any other.

Turf Management Teachers

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    Turner Kyle 369 100369 nkturner@forsyth.k12.ga.us Career / Tech Teacher Turf Management

  • The Turf Management pathway currently has 4 levels of courses, as listed below. However, only 3 courses are required to complete the pathway.

Basic Agricultural Science

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    This course will serve as the foundational course. The pre-requisite for this course is advisor approval. The premise of Turf I is to be as “hands on” as possible, outside getting a grassroots feel for the use of all the equipment. Basic turf maintenance skills such as using equipment for cutting, edging, sod work, irrigation and learning the basics of climate zones, grass types and how to maintain most athletic facilities. This is a truly hands on course where all major equipment will be introduced and the students will be trained on them throughout the year.

General Horticulture and Plant Science

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    This one credit course is the second in a series of four that prepares students for a career in Turf Management. All students in Turf II must have completed the pre-requisite of Turf I. Students will take an advanced approach to the hands-on aspect of utilizing all the equipment in the fleet to maintain the school’s grounds and athletic facilities. Students will become further advanced in the overall maintenance and upkeep of the athletic facilities. Skills being taught will be irrigation, over seeding, synthetic field maintenance and prep, athletic facility layout the introduction of both landscape, hardscapes and design.

Turf Production and Management

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    This one-credit transition course is designed to facilitate student-led projects under the guidance of the instructor. Students work cooperatively and independently in all phases of facility upkeep, landscape design and maintenance and field- based projects.

Turf IV

  • Currently no course syllabus exists.

    Turf IV will evolve around the soil sciences and horticulture aspect of students who are passionate and have a desire for a graduate degree in Agricultural Education. In detail aspects of soil sciences, fertilization, soil prep, cold and warm weather grasses and genetic breeding/hybrids of grass and plants will be introduced. 


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