• Career-Related Program
    Certificate Requirements


  • The curriculum for the IBCP is prescribed.  Students must meet the IB CP requirements to receive the IB Career Certificate at the end of their two years of study. 

    Students must study two subjects of their choice:

    • A course that covers two years of time. On the IB Course Descriptions page, courses meeting this requirement are higher level (HL) courses - indicated by asterisks (*) - and any other courses marked with carets (^).
    • Any other IB course they choose.

    For students’ junior and senior years, students may choose to study as many as courses as they desire, with the two courses indicated above as a minimum. Students can make their selection of courses based on their academic strengths and interests. The standard level courses and higher level courses are both rigorous, college level courses in nature, scope and coverage. The higher level courses expand upon the curriculum offered at the standard level and often require one or more additional internal and/or external assessments. To be considered having completed IB courses, IBCP students must pass the assessments for those courses by receiving a score of 4 or higher (on a 7 point scale).

Career Pathway

  • The Career-Related Programme has a lighter academic load compared to the Diploma Programme, because CP students also must complete a career pathway. This includes:

    • Completing a state-certified Career-Related Pathway, including passing the End of Pathway Assessment for that pathway;
    • Be enrolled in that pathway for both their junior and senior years.
    • Because pathways can be completed in three years, students who choose to start a pathway their freshman year may complete it in their junior year. However, these students in their senior year must:
      • Take an additional relevant pathway course their senior year (for those pathways that offer it);
      • Participate in an internship; or
      • Participate in the Honors Mentorship program for their pathway.

    Information about our Career-Related Pathways can be found on our Career / Tech department page.

  • In addition to the coursework described above, the IBCP also requires three additional core elements. These activities are intended to help students prepare for the expectations of college and become aware of the positive influence they can have on their own community.

Personal & Professional Skills (Course)

  • This is an interdisciplinary course that explores concepts of ethics and personal development of the "soft skills" so essential in future careers and enables students to reflect critically on the question of “Why do we do this?” They learn about how looking at the way we communicate with each other, how it impacts them in their future employment, and how decision making requires logical connections of differing areas of knowledge and skills to do so.

Language Development Portfolio

  • Sometime during their junior or senior year (or the summer between), students must take a second language course. Upon completion of that course, they are required to develop a Language Development Portfolio, including twelve (12) samples of work from a variety of areas studied in that class. This portfolio is assessed in the Personal & Professional Skills course in December of the student's senior year.

Reflective Project

  • This is a culminating research paper on an ethical dilemma within their chosen pathway designed to teach students how to independently research topics, discuss such a dilemma, and then make their own argument regarding its resolution.  This is much like writing assignments that students will be exposed to at the college/university level.

Service Learning (Extracurricular)

  • Through creative activities, sports, volunteerism, etc., students build confidence in themselves while improving their communities (IBO expects students to make community contributions for an average of 2 hours each week over a students’ junior and senior years).  Where possible, this should be connected in some way to the students' career pathway.

Checklist for IBCP Certificate Completion

  • To earn the IB Career-Related Pathway Certificate, students must complete all of the following:

    1. Pass two (2) or more IB Diploma courses with a score of 4 or more.
    2. Finish an industry or state-certified Career-Related Pathway, including passing the End of Pathway Assessment.
    3. Complete a second Language course during their junior or senior year, and complete a Language Development Portfolio.
    4. Complete the Personal & Professional Skills core course.
    5. Complete a 3000-word Reflection Project, and pass its assessment requirements.
    6. Complete approximately 50 hours of Service Learning connected to their pathway.