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  • Class Changes


    1. Can I change my child’s connections class?

    Our connections classes are randomly assigned to students. They are not electives. We want our students to experience a variety of topics, even some that they might not think that they like. The only exception to this is for Band or Chorus, which we allow students to choose because these are year-long classes and they require a commitment. Change request forms will be emailed in the beginning of the year and in spring, if you wish to inquire about a change.



    2. Can my child change class levels after the year has already started?

    After the year has begun, it is up to the teacher's discretion as to what level is the best fit for students. This is an academic placement decision. For the first month of school, our teachers watch students to make sure they were placed in the proper class level. If students are making 98-100 on everything, it might mean that advanced might be a better fit for them and the teacher may suggest that student is moved to a different course level. Ultimately, this would be a conversation to have with your child’s individual teachers to see what they think! Please note that a change may not be possible due to course size limitations or it may cause your child’s entire schedule to be changed.


    3. Can my child be in Accelerated?

    Riverwatch offers Accelerated Math only. In order to take this course, your child must pass the Accelerated Math Entrance Exam. If you have further questions, please contact your counselor.


    4. When are Midterms and Final Exams?

    Midterms and Final Exams are given during the last week of each semester. These tests cannot be taken early, so if a student is absent, they have to make up the test upon their return to school.