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    Recently, we launched a business by making, selling, packing and delivering Husky Pack Dog Treats!  This is an important endeavor for our students to participate in their local community and gain independence skills to carry over into their life!

    As a special education teacher, I feel it is important for my students to be prepared for the day-to-day challenges of participating in their community and workplace and feeling as independent as possible. My classroom is made up of 8 students in grades 3-5 with one amazing instructional assistant as well. While they may be young, it is never too early to teach them to be independent and to give back to their community

     One way that I have been able to have my students work on important life skills as well as give back to their community is by helping them start a business within our school. Our purpose aside from teaching many important life and job skills in a real-world situation is also to help raise money for local organizations like the Forsyth County Humane Society. Ultimately, we want to give back to our community here at Haw Creek.

    To execute both my goals of teaching these kids necessary life skills and giving back to our community we started making Husky Pack Dog Treats. Our school is fortunate enough to have three therapy dogs. They inspired us to start our business. We started to sell these dog treats (Husky Pack Treats) to the staff. We plan to do this every month. We just had our inaugural sale this month. We raised over $130 just this month alone.

    Our dream is not over yet!  We are ready to go bigger to be involved in our community .  We want to use our business and the award money to help build an accessible playground at our school so everyone can play together everyday!  We have a great playground but would love to make it more accessible for friends of ours that have different mobility issues, sensory needs and vision needs.